Gelreman Race Info


The Gelreman is a new long distance triatlon 3.8km swim, 180km bike and the marathon to complete the race. Entry fee 250,- euro.

On this page you will find the race info of the Gelreman triatlon. Please contact us though our contact form with further questions.

Subcribe for the Race

The Gelreman is a new long distance triathlon based on the outskirts of Arnhem city at Rijkerswoerd Lake, this lake is used by local triathletes with optimum swimming conditions. A 2 lap swim format allows for a fast course and more excitement for spectators. 

The bike course will be 3 laps of a relatively flat course between two rivers the Nederijn and Waal. The surfaces on the bike lanes and roads are good quality adding to the race experience. 

The public bike lanes and roads are open to local traffic, but this is not a concern as the local traffic is minor. Support from regional councils, volunteers and traffic wardens will provide the athletes with a safe course on race day.

The marathon is around the Rijkerswoerd lake which is already familiar from the swim.

The Gelreman is a compact long distance course which will create an intimate race experience with family and friends who have come to support. 


Swim 2 laps of 1,9km

Bike 4 laps of 45km

Run 6 laps of 7km


Program for the Gelre-weekend 


Friday 26th August 

14.00 Grounds, catering and registration tent open 

17.30 Pasta party. 

18.30 race briefing 


Race day, Saturday 27th aug. 

5.45 bike check in and registration.

6.45. Final briefing for swim  

7.00 START Gelreman 

22.00 Finish cutoff time

Participant care

The Gelreman will provide the athletes with Sanas sports nutrition. The care will consist of, Bike course: Gels, banana, sports drink and water. 

Run course: gels, winegums, salty liquorice, water, cola, banana and oranges

What can you find on the site

There are toilets and shower facilities. We work together with eatery de Woerd, Gelreman does not use the toilets there. If you are a paying customer then the facilities at the restaurant are also open for use.

How do we deal with your paraphernalia:  In the transition zone a volunteer will take good care of the equipment and clothing for the triathletes.This zone is only accessible to the participants, the designated volunteers and the organization; the organization will have persons in the transition zone up to 22.30

On presentation of your starting number will the athlete be permitted to remover his/hers bike and equipment from the transition zone. 

Finish area

On finishing the Gelreman you will be presented with a unique Gelerman t’shirt and medal that you can wear with pride. In the finish area food and drink will be served to help you on your recovery.

There are no cash prizes for winning the Gelreman. 

Sunday 28th

We are stripping down the venue  and looking back on the event. Feel free to say hi and tell us you're experience.


A present will be presented to the top 3 woman and men triathletes 



This document contains all the information you need to know to participate in the Gelreman 2019.

Since we are at the beginning, it may be that things are still changing.

Of course you will receive all definitive information well in advance of the start.

The registration fee is 250, - minimum age is 18 years. You make legitimacy when you pick up your participation package.

The Gelreman 2019 is an individual Full distance triathlon. There is currently one distance, the entire triathlon

3.8km swimming, 180km cycling and 42.2km running. 

Total maximum contest duration is a maximum of 15 hours.

Time limits apply to the individual components.

Swimming - 1:45 hours (two laps)

Cycling - 7.5 hours (4 laps)

Run - 5.5 hours (6 laps)

In consultation with the local councils we are working to make the Gelreman course as much as possible traffic-free and in some cases traffic-free. However, the normal traffic rules always remain valid and you must keep to them. You always follow the directions of traffic controllers, they watch over your safety.

We follow the NTB / ITU competition rules, a short summary with the most important rules we publish at a later time and are also provided to the participant when participating.

Waste does not belong on the floor, we will strictly check this during the race. You can simply take waste back to the transition zone or throw in the crash zone at the care station. Very simple, No Littering!

Cancellation rules

De Gelreman is organized from the Gelreman Foundation. As usual at a non-profit foundation, we do not receive any wages. However, costs incurred are reimbursed. The main costs are the traffic controllers who have to guarantee safety on the course. Such costs are independent of the number of participants. Because of this we can not just refund all the money at cancellation.

In case of cancellation after January 31, 2019, no refund is possible, until that time a refund of 75%.

Registration is personal and can not be transferred, sold or given away. If there is a waiting list, a transfer of a registration will take place through the organization. In all other cases in consultation with the organization. For the transfer of the starting ticket we charge 25, - euro administration costs.

Medical assistance

Medical assistance will be available as long as there are participants on the course. We assume that you are healthy and well trained when you start at the Gelreman.


Each participant signs the Freedom of Liability form before the start of the competition.

Please contact us for specifics travel information. We will update this pages towards the event. Arnhem can easily reached by car. Arpairts nearby schiphzl 1h30, Eindhoven 1h, Rotterdam 1h15, Weeze (D) 1h

Within the area the are plentiful of Hotels, B&B's.